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Please e-mail your photos and we will post them here to share with others!


customer D. Gelvin

Danny Gelvin rides tall in the saddle through Arizona with his 20" ape hangers!

customer Lundy bike photo

Bill L. from Millersville cruises Georgia on this striking silver 2004 FLHPI

Brian H. from California

Brian H. cruises sunny California on his sweet 2008 FLHPI

Danny D. from Charlotte, Michigan

Danny D. from Charlotte cruises Michigan on this unique 2007 FLHPE

Kreg Sherman from Caro, MI

Kreg S. from Caro, MI does his cruizin' on this immaculate 2006 FLHPI


customer Herbert's puck coverscustomer Herbert's saddlebag insert

Herbert H. of Hephzibah is the biggest Georgia Bulldog fan in the entire State!

Michael Oliver from the UK

Michael Oliver from way over in the U.K.

Steve Kennedy's bike

2004 FLHP from Steve Kennedy, LaGrange, New York

Jerry Jones' bike

Jerry Jones of Somersworth, NH has his 2002 FLHTPI looking sharp!

Jorge Fitzmaurice's bike

Customer Jorge Fitzmaurice from Merida Yucatan Mexico Road King Police FLHPI 2002

customer John Raymond's 2003 FLHPI

John Raymond cruises New York on his 2003 FLHPI

customer Grant Sharum's FLHT

Grant Sharum has southern Illinois covered in his sharp 2004 FLHT

Customer Ray R's bike

Customer Ray R. cruises Albany, NY on his sharp looking 2005 FLHPI

Customer Terry Walton's bike

Customer Terry Walton really stands out on this gorgeous 2004 FLHTPI while rumbling through the great State of Louisiana!

Customer G.I. Merck's bike

Customer G.I. Merck from South Carolina rides this 2003 Road King Police Special Beautiful bike!!!

Customer Ed Almeida's bike

Customer Smart Softail rider Ed Almeida from Tiverton, Rhode Island adapts the police bags to his 2002 Fat Boy!

Customer James D'Agostoino's bike

Customer James D'Agostino of Colorado with his fabricated side car to transport a wheel chair. Keep on riding !

Customer Wayne Hatcher's bike

Customer Wayne Hatcher from sunny South Daytona, Florida is dressing up his 2003 police ride!

Customer Mike T's bike

Customer Mike T. from Raleigh, NC puts the finishing touch on his sweet 2003 FLHTPI !!

Customer Neil O'Brien's bike

Customer Neil O'Brien from Troy, OH. Awesome paint job Neil

Customer Mike Ross' bike

Bike belonging to Customer Mike Ross of Maine. 124 massive "Hot Rod" cubic inches of motor!

Customer Al Shearer's bike

Customer Al Shearer cruises the Arizona deserts on his 2004 FLHPI

Customer Doug Wilson's bike

Bike belonging to Customer Doug Wilson from South Carolina! 1998 FLHPI