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Saddlebag Inserts

Saddlebag Insert for police bike Saddlebags

These beautifully chromed aluminum inserts have been precisely machined for a "flush" fit, giving your saddlebags that finished custom look! These come in a set, two pieces for each side.

We offer 11 different styles to match your individual taste.

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Standard Z insert
Standard Z

Standard S insert
Standard S

Plain saddlebag insert
Standard P

Reflector saddlebag insert
Standard R

Semper Fi saddlebag insert
Semper Fi

Blue Knights saddlebag inserts
The Blue Knights

POW MIA saddlebag insert

Flame engraved saddlebag insert

Police engraved saddlebag insert

Sheriff engraved saddlebag insert

Wild Pigs engraved saddlebag inserts
Wild Pigs